“Wendy is a gifted homeopath. She is empathic, well educated, and a leader in integrative medicine. Wendy leads her patients on a life journey that is guided with passion, integrity, and wisdom.” — Lindy Grigel, PA

Homeopathic health care originated in 1796 with the innovative work of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. The founding principle is ‘Like cures like,’ and involves utilizing minute amounts of natural substances that are highly diluted and used to treat imbalances in mental, emotional and physical health. Homeopathy treats the human condition. and is truly green medicine, the medicine of the future. For the past two centuries it has been well documented that homeopathy has been profoundly effective in treating a wide range of physical, emotional, and mental conditions, both acute and chronic, that have been unresponsive to other methods. Examples include anxiety, depression, arthritis, autism, ADD, asthma, back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive problems, eczema, Lyme’s disease, & migraine headaches. It is the individual who suffers that is the focal point of the homeopathic process, not the disease itself.

Dr. Pollock comes to understand your current health concerns and the totality of who you are through a two-hour interview. Through information gathered from this in-depth consultation of your life and health history, Dr. Pollock finds a homeopathic remedy that uniquely matches the totality of you as an individual. Dr. Pollock has been a practitioner of homeopathy since 1992.

“Wendy, I am writing to tell you how amazing you are as a homeopath. You have a gift for putting people at ease and for making the search for the appropriate remedy an engaging and safe process for your clients. When I brought my son to you, who had been dragging with mono symptoms for a few months, you were able to identify the remedy he needed relatively quickly. After one dose, miraculously he felt 70% better. After the second dose, he was nearly 95% better. His primary care physician just weeks prior had warned that his symptoms were likely to persist for months. How quickly the remedy you identified worked was amazing. My son and I laughed at how giving you an answer to the type of apple he would choose to eat (sweet or tart) would be instrumental in curing his mono….but it was (at least part of the puzzle). When I have seen you personally for various issues, your wisdom and insight have been just as meaningful and powerful as the remedies you have prescribed….and the combination of these offerings has always facilitated healing. I am grateful to you for your many gifts.” — Valerie Libby



Dr. Pollock has an eclectic approach to restoring health that begins with taking a complete health history and doing thorough orthopedic and neurological evaluations. She utilizes Applied Kinesiology: The science of utilizing muscle testing to evaluate and treat muscle and nerve dysfunctions. Findings are reviewed and a treatment plan is formulated that includes manipulation, rebalancing muscles that are weak or in spasm, nutritional and exercise recommendations. This thorough approach is particularly effective in treating occupational and athletic injuries as well as chronic conditions that have been unresponsive to other methods.

“When I found Dr. Pollock, I felt like I’d found a gold mine. Using multiple modalities along with her innate skill as a doctor and healer, she was able to fix what others could not. I have, without hesitation, referred family, friends and patients. Having personally been in the alternative healthcare field for over 20 years, I can honestly say that she is one of the best chiropractors or homeopaths I have had the honor of knowing. Dr Pollock has a big, big heart and soul to match her phenomenal talent.” — Michelle Patrick, LMT


Attunement is an energetic healing practice in which the practitioner and client share in going to a place of balance where health on physical and emotional levels originates. The process of Attunement is restorative, enhances immune function, and by creating Health from within can remove impediments to wellness that have been in the mind-body system for long periods of time. Attunement is an invaluable wellness practice, as the body remembers the state of balance and ease found in Attunement.

Attunement is beneficial in times of physical or emotional stress, during illness, during surgery and in the life transitions of birth and death. Attunement is practiced both in person and from distance when needed. Dr. Pollock in a certified Attunement practitioner a member of the International Society of Attunement Practitioners. She has studied with Andrew Shire, an Attunement practitioner for 30 years and President of the ISAP.

“I have been seeing Dr. Pollock for over twenty years. Her compassionate listening shills and healing hands have gotten me through some very serious illnesses including grief, support for serious heart and endocrine problems as well as joint and muscle pain. She is an extremely conscientious healthcare provider whom I trust completely.” — Elizabeth A. Andrews


Dr. Pollock provides proactive health care that supports individuals and families in attaining & maintaining optimal health. Your supportive care plan may include specific dietary and nutritional supplement recommendations, education, lifestle modification, applied kinesiology, structural care, and energy balancing Attunement. Together we develop a multifaceted wellness care plan. As a health mentor, Dr. Pollock is a skilled and knowledgeable guide, who will assist you on your journey to a higher level of wellness.[end-column]

“Dr. Pollock’s intuition, skill, breadth of knowledge and experience, in addition to her bright, positive energy have kept me healthy for years. Her understanding of anatomy and the workings of the human body, combined with her solid grasp of so many healing modalities, make her such a strong and versatile healer. Dr. Pollock’s ability to listen deeply creates a container for healing that makes trust and authenticity come naturally. I’ve recommended her to many, many friends and family over the years, and will continue to do so.” — Emilia Dahlin